Clergy Professional Development Roundup: January 2019

Merry Christmas, Reverend! Have you recovered yet from all the joys of the season? Did your Christmas Eve worship go okay? Mine did, even though at our biggest service we almost forgot to sing “Silent Night.” Credit is due to the usher who took matters into his own hands, flicked off the lights, and plunged us all into darkness before my boss could give the final blessing. We duly lit our candles and it all worked out fine.

Anyway, now that you’ve endured Christmas, you are probably scavenging around for a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t involve a fad diet. Allow me to suggest that you make this the year to try something new in the professional development department. Over here, I’m going to try a series of monthly posts to alert you to conferences and workshops that are zero, three, six, or nine months away. Let me know if you’re into it.

Click for more information on any given event. Locations are noted in parentheses. Note that some of these have application deadlines months in advance — if you want to attend that summer writers’ workshop, make sure you don’t miss the window to apply!

Am I short on opportunities in your part of the world? You know better than I do where to find the best retreat centers, anti-racism coalitions, or seminary continuing ed programs in your region. Feel free to clue me in, down below in the comments.

For a full calendar of clergy professional development, click here (or follow the Google Calendar).

January 2019 (now!)

April 2019 (3 months out)

July 2019 (6 months out)

October 2019 (9 months out)

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