Hi, I’m Catherine!

I’m an Episcopal priest who loves reading, writing, and riding my bike. My wife Heather and I spent several years living in the Pacific Northwest and then in New England before taking a leap of faith and moving back to our hometown of Chicago in 2019. I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, and I am blown away by the privilege and honor of serving His church — especially my particular church, which is the kind of parish I’ve spent my whole life trying to find.

I am an only child, but growing up I always wished for an older sister: someone who had walked the same road a few years ahead of me and could explain life’s mysteries, help me pick out my clothes, and reassure me that everything was going to be okay. When I entered the ordination process, I wished harder than ever for that sister figure. There were so many opaque and mysterious hurdles that seemed like they should be explainable, if someone were only patient enough to explain them: What is an Ember Day letter and when should I write one? Do I need to study for the General Ordination Exams? What are my options for dealing with creeps?

I’m not an expert on much of anything except for my own experience, but I started this blog in the hopes of breaking some of those hurdles down. You might know a lot more about the church than I do, or a little bit less. My main qualification is that I’m walking the same road.

I hope this corner of the Internet will provide a good laugh and a few useful tips to everyone who finds it, but especially those in the strange, frustrating, joyful game of parish ministry. My prayer for you is that Rock That Collar will be a friendly companion, inspiring you as you work to build up the kingdom of God.

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