General Ordination Exams: Online Resources

Hey hey, Episcopal seminary seniors! Around the world, Christian clergy are breathing one big collective sigh of relief and thinking, “Now that Christmas has passed, I finally get a break.”

But not you. HA! Oh, not you. Pretty soon, your travails with the General Ordination Exams will begin.

Before I continue, I should note that my wife frowned when she read my last GOE post and said, “You’re a little too cavalier here.” So if you’re reading this right now, I just want to take a moment to thank you for putting up with the bossy, know-it-all attitude I’ve cultivated on this blog. In real life I’m actually pretty shy.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the final throes of exam prep and are sneaking a peek at this site, here’s a quick roundup of useful links that may come in handy while you’re taking the GOEs. Bookmark this post and you’ll have them all in one place.

Holy Scriptures

Church History

Christian Theology

Christian Ethics and Moral Theology

Christian Worship

*Some bishops REALLY do not like Enriching Our Worship and forbid, or at least sternly discourage, the use of these resources in public worship. If your bishop is one of these, remember that they will be reading your GOE responses, and maybe lay off the wacky Eucharistic prayers.

Practice of Ministry

… You don’t need any extra resources for this one. Just write from your heart. The practice of ministry, in the end, is what this is all about.

May God bless you and keep you, GOE-takers. I’m gonna be praying for you all week. Good luck!

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