Clergy Professional Development Roundup: February 2019

Uh, hey, Reverend. I’m acutely aware that this is supposed to be a post for February and instead it’s the first day of April. I’ve been kind of busy.

But in the midst of all that, who am I to deny you the chance to plan for continuing education in May, August, November, and even next February? Here we go.

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Clergy Professional Development Roundup: January 2019

Merry Christmas, Reverend! Have you recovered yet from all the joys of the season? Did your Christmas Eve worship go okay? Mine did, even though at our biggest service we almost forgot to sing “Silent Night.” Credit is due to the usher who took matters into his own hands, flicked off the lights, and plunged us all into darkness before my boss could give the final blessing. We duly lit our candles and it all worked out fine.

Anyway, now that you’ve endured Christmas, you are probably scavenging around for a New Year’s resolution that doesn’t involve a fad diet. Allow me to suggest that you make this the year to try something new in the professional development department. Over here, I’m going to try a series of monthly posts to alert you to conferences and workshops that are zero, three, six, or nine months away. Let me know if you’re into it.

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Youth Pastor Ken (or: On Being Uncool in Youth Ministry)

Good morning, Reverend! Is this a busy week, or what?

Here in my neck of the woods, we’re getting ready for Homecoming Sunday. I am hard at work prepping my sermon, trying to recruit that final leader for seventh-grade Sunday school (why is it always the hardest position in the church to fill?!?!), and counting the days until I get to see my beloved high school youth group kids again.

I have two words about high school youth group: GIANT JENGA.

Actually, I also have a little story. Consider it a pep talk as you launch into this crazy time of year, at least if you are resolutely uncool like me. Continue reading

Spiritual Strengths Inventory (for when your faith is down in the dumps)

Hey there, Reverend! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. If you ever choose to go public with your thoughts about sexual harassment or sexual violence in the church, I suggest building in several months off afterward to deal with all the mail.

On a not wholly unrelated note: I don’t know about you, but I found my seminary training to be a bit lacking in the pastoral counseling department. I did take one class on something called “spiritual care,” during which I learned a great deal about the love lives of my classmates and very little else. If I am ever again in a position to counsel someone who is heartbroken after desertion by a paramour from the back row of Old Testament II: Histories & Prophets, I will be ready to roll.

Somehow, though, I had a feeling that my friends in the mental health field were developing skills a bit more sophisticated than “mirroring” and “active listening.” They were learning to notice their clients’ thinking errors and challenge them, directly but kindly. They were learning how to help people name their struggles and — even more important — start to imagine being able to overcome or endure them. Continue reading

Rock That Collar: Featured on Beauty Tips for Ministers!

I’m a longtime fan of Beauty Tips for Ministers, a blog by PeaceBang, otherwise known as my fellow Massachusetts clergywoman the Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein. She writes about clergy image and style, offering plenty of beauty tips but also so much more:

So you can only imagine my pure giddiness at being featured on BTFM. Continue reading